Artist Chuck Slonaker is proud to bring you his Extinction is Forever series! Time is running out on some of nature's most exquisite creatures who face the daily pressure of extinction and Chuck has been doing something about it. He resides in Cuyahoga Falls and is a life-long resident of Northeast Ohio. A graduate of Kent State University, Chuck's dedication to art spans 40+ years and covers a wide variety of subjects. Thousands of paintings later, his focus is uniting as many people as possible to help make a difference. Check out the links section to see some of the important organizations you can join and to find out how you can make a difference. If you purchase a print or original artwork, you will also be helping out because 20% of all profits will go to the one of the organizations listed. You can choose or we can help make the decision for you. The photo below was taken at the Bee Mindful Festival located at Fred Fuller Park in Kent, Ohio just a minutes from Kent State University. Thanks for making a difference! Visit the full "Extinction is Forever" gallery